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On the occasion of the May Fourth Youth Day, a video titled "After the Wave" on station B sparked heated discussion. The old opera bone He Bing spoke highly of contemporary young people through a speech. He said: "Those who complain that one generation is inferior to one generation should look at you. The best scenery in a country is the young people of this country. You are fortunate to meet such an era, and the era is even more fortunate to meet you like this." He also A message to young people: "You don't have to live what we imagined. The imagination of our generation is not enough to imagine your future."


In real life, young people also use their youth to make contributions to society. For example, in the fight against the epidemic, some young medical workers made great efforts and sacrifices, which moved the whole of China. They proved with practical actions that young people can provoke social leaders.


But here, I want to talk about it from another angle: some parts of the "back waves" that need to be improved. With the progress of the times, each generation is living in a different growth environment, creating a unique personality and lifestyle for different generations. If a generation can understand themselves more clearly, it will be good not only for themselves, but also for this era.


I understand that young people today have many advantages:


Nowadays, access to information is too easy. This is like having a calculator, many people will no longer exercise their verbal and mental arithmetic skills. By the same token, in the era of information explosion, the younger generation has mastered the ability to obtain information from various channels, coupled with their own vigorous energy, they will absorb a large amount of information from all parties without thinking, without choice, thinking and The process of digestion. I noticed more than once,


Although it is clear by listening to it,


There is a term in economics called "bad money drives out good money". Its original meaning is that if there are two currencies in circulation in the market, consumers will often keep the currency with good quality and use the currency with poor quality as much as possible. Over time, most of the currencies circulating in the market are currencies of poor quality. This term is also widely used in the field of sociology.


In the field of news communication, everyone generally understands this concept like this: The audience for short, simple, and simple content is always larger than the audience for serious and rigorous, long and deep content. Therefore, in the information market, the former will circulate and spread more. In such an environment, as young people, we must understand what kind of information is truly beneficial.


To give an example: some time ago, the network anchor MC Liudao published a song called "Thunder". Singer Yang Kun said that "Thunder" is not a musical work, and "existence is too unreasonable", "like a drug" and "affects the public's aesthetics", which has caused certain controversy.

举个例子:前段时间,网络主持人MC Liudao发行了一首名为“ Thunder”的歌曲。歌手杨坤说,“雷声”不是音乐作品,“存在太过合理”,“像毒品”,“影响公众的审美观”,引起了一定的争议。

Yang Kun's worry is the occurrence of the "bad money driving out good money" incident. Although he asserted that MC Liudao can only be used for "five months", in my opinion, it will not take five months at all. The problem is that even if the six MCs are cold, there will be seven and eight. Without "Thunder", there will be "Scary Wind" and "Shocking Electricity". If this kind of culture becomes mainstream and social media is flooded with fast-food, meaningless content, and can be made popular, then who else will make real music?

杨坤担心的是发生了“劣钱赶出好钱”事件。尽管他断言MC Liudao只能使用“五个月”,但我认为完全不需要五个月。问题是,即使六个MC处于冷状态,也会有七个和八个。没有“雷声”,将会有“可怕的风”和“令人震惊的电”。如果这种文化成为主流,并且社交媒体充斥着快餐,毫无意义的内容并且可以流行,那么还有谁会创造真正的音乐呢?

Of course, some people will refute it like this: what exists is reasonable. What you look down on now may be mainstream culture. When the 80s and 90s were young, didn't Jay Chou's songs also received some criticism?

当然,有些人会这样反驳:存在是合理的。您现在看不起的可能是主流文化。 80年代和90年代年轻时,周杰伦的歌曲难道还没有受到批评吗?

We must have a clearer understanding of this issue. We can think about the following questions: Our parents listen to the songs of Teresa Teng, Faye Wong, Andy Lau, and we listen to the songs of Jay Chou and JJ Lin. Whose songs are the younger generation listening to? In this fast food era, no one can take the banner. The same is true in the film and television industry. Little fresh meats are flooded with TV series with embarrassing plots and chaotic logic. They can shoot anything as soon as the money comes. Few people can quietly come up with a good work with a burst of reputation.


From the perspective of spiritual civilization,


There is also a typical phenomenon: Jay Chou's songs are popular, and a large part of the credit is attributed to the lyricist Fang Wenshan. His Chinese style lyrics are very artistic and fascinating. Therefore, many singers in the later period tried their best to imitate this style in lyrics and music. but


Of course, on this issue, content producers and audiences are interacting, and only when there is demand can there be a market. Nowadays, "earth culture" is very popular among young people, such as "Master of Shadows", "Brother Giao", "Spiritual Guy", and "Social Quotations", which are flooded with various short video platforms. Do you think young people really like this? Not at all. A large part of them also agree that this type of content is not high in style, and is just using it to vent pressure; but what is certain is that they are indeed spreading this type of content and expanding the influence of indigenous culture. However, the truly high-profile and dry content has not been popularized and disseminated in such a large area. This phenomenon is worth worrying about. because,


When I was in college, I discussed a topic with the teachers and students of the same school: With the development of the Internet, will paper books eventually die out. My point is: absolutely not.


Not to mention the apparent reason why paper books have collection value. In essence, people who are more accustomed to reading paper books are not the same audience group as those who are more accustomed to reading online works. To be more blunt, we can actually regard paper books and online texts as two worlds.


The characteristics of a paper book determine that it is a carrier of longer, deeper, and more layered content. And such content, not all are suitable for display on the network platform. For example, many of the current public accounts always indicate at the beginning: how many words are in this article and how many minutes it takes to read. Because they understand that users who read online works have their own requirements for word count and reading time.


This is also related to the excessive pressure in life of modern young people and too little time for themselves. They have a need for information, but they don’t want to spend too much time. Therefore, content producers see what they eat, and fast-food content has gradually become the mainstream.


The busyness of contemporary young people can be explained in more detail with a phenomenon: nowadays young men and young girls talk about "health preservation", but they also have the habit of staying up late. No matter how early they have to get up the next day, whether they must do something the day before, they will persevere until 0 o'clock before falling asleep. But why stay up late? Many people don't understand it themselves. After finishing up, he didn't seem to do anything particularly meaningful. When he lay down, he fell asleep with a sense of guilt and emptiness of "staying up again".


From a psychological point of view, this is a retaliatory act of seeking compensation, because I am too busy on weekdays and I have little time for myself. And they must keep that part of their own space in their lives. The time to enjoy personal space can only be deducted from sleep time. They don't want to be like a machine that does nothing but work and sleep.


In this sense, impetuousness is actually a problem for the entire society.


Therefore, I hope that contemporary young people can improve in the following points while maintaining their inherent advantages:


1- Don't be too obsessed with showing and expressing yourself, go through full investigation and thinking before expressing.


2- In addition to work and leisure activities, I can squeeze time to absorb some "dry goods" and things that are helpful to my personal improvement.


3-Learn to screen and judge information, and allocate and choose reasonably.


4- Keep patience and perseverance, have the perseverance to finish and accomplish one thing.


5- Identify your hobbies and life direction.


6-You can be self-centered in certain things, but the premise is not to influence others.


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